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My Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies

Every baker needs a go chocolate chip cookie recipe. One that they have really got nailed and works every time.



To me the perfect CCC or triple C is perfectly soft and chewy. But also very thick. Girth (cookie girth) is important to me.

I don’t have time to put the full recipe up today (I’ve been crazed with school starting). But I will let you in on the secret ingredient. Two TSPs of corn starch. Supposedly corn starch keeps cookies fluffy instead of thin. I read about this little tip and have never looked back. Definitely the best CCC I’ve ever made so why mess with a good thing.

These particular cookies are chocolate chip, butterscotch chip and Nutella white chocolate chip. All made with the same cookie base but with random mix ins added. This cookie works with whatever mix ins your stomach/sweet tooth desires so go wild.




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Philadelphia Part Three: [the best part] Food

Deviled eggs at Percy Street Barbecue. My dad can’t stay away clearly.

Most amazing ribs at Percy Street Barbecue

Rueben at Reading Terminal Market.

Stuffed squash blossoms at Barbuzzo.

The famous budino at Barbuzzo.

Meat platter at Barnes Foundation.

Chocolate mousse at Barnes Foundation.

Shake shack.

Afternoon tea at Rittenhouse Hotel.

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Philadelphia Part Two: The Magic Gardens

The Magic Gardens is quirky in the best sense of the word. I love that the artist, Isaiah Zagar,  makes art incredibly assessable to the common viewer.

My favorite quote sprinkled on the walls of the mosaic read “imagery that refuses to stabilize.” I think that pretty much sums up the entire experience here.

I also love that Mr. Zagar created the “gardens” in a lot that didn’t belong to him. I’d like to think that I would be pleasantly surprised if that work of art showed up in my lot! What would you think?













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Philadelphia: part 1

I’m really considering changing the name of this blog to Philly the place to be/coolest city on the planet. I always have so much fun when I visit (only twice…) and look forward to more travels there in the future. I really think I’d like to move there, although I haven’t been mugged/jumped there yet like many residence so I have a pretty romanticized view of it. Also because of the BYOB I rotate between hungover and drunk all day which leads me to believe I might not have the most accurate view of it… (you can read more about my obsession with BYOBs here).

I had amazing food, drinks and learned a lot. Turns out that since I am an international affairs major I don’t know too much about American history… I took the online test to become a citizen and let me just say it is a good thing I am already living here. I need to make more of an effort to learn American history apparently. Although when I took the test I was also drinking so I’m going to go ahead and blame it on the wine.

If you haven’t visited Philly, I really encourage you to! It has such a great local culture, budding food scene and fascinating history.

Independence hall.

Liberty Bell.

Learnin’ history with my papa.

Graffiti Bar.

Boozy shakes at Capogiro. Had to try them because of all the research I did for my article on alcoholic milk shakes for Scoutmob.

Band at Farmer’s Cabinet.

Barnes Foundation with mama.

My new favorite coffee La Colombe.

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The Little Things: Best of the Summer

This summer has been a great one and I have so many memories in both Denver and DC. So in this post I will appreciate the little things throughout the summer that made me happy. Like going to Whole Foods on free sample day. I wish I had photographic evidence of that because it basically made my whole week… Pathetic? Oh well, I can’t deny my love of free food.. especially Whole Foods guacamole.


Little brother graduating.

The six types of Rice Krispy treats I made for his party… now that is love.

Wiz Khalifa concert for my birthday present… which Rick Ross actually headlined to our surprice. Gotta love Ricky Rozay- am I right?

Making homemade pasta with my mama for her birthday celebration (otherwise know as the Queen’s jubilee).

Countless dinners out with my perfectly tiny parents. (Literally isn’t she the cutest?!)

Visiting my love in SL, UT. Notice the expensive alcohol in the background. He really goes all out when I’m visiting… what a thoughtful guy… oh wait it was an eight dollar handle.

Discovering all of Denver’s finest happy hours with this beauty. In the massive truck behind us. Yup we drove to each happy hour in that stunning piece of machinery. Just kidding.

Avicii at Red Rocks. We really nailed that hippy chic look down.. notice the headband… and braids….

Father’s day restaurant hopping. Because if you’re going to go out to eat, why stop at just one restaurant? Ultimate binge day.

Fourth of July in our nation’s capital.

Lounging by the pool. The best part of this day was definitely the glorious Middle Eastern feast, not pictured because I actually inhaled it. Remember my love for free food? Well this was the ultimate and in the setting far finer than Whole Foods.

My tiniest little visits!

Painting pottery with the boyfriend when he visited. Only way I got him to do it was because it is BYOB. And he painted a shot glass. So with all the drank involved it was masculine enough. Anyways it’s one of my favorite pictures 🙂

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Can’t stop…

Finding more pictures I like. I mean we took about 479896980. So here are a few more of my model friend Calvin. I’m thinking about actually changing the name of this blog to Calvin: Memoirs of a Gaysian (Documented by life partner Monica Smith). It’s kind of a long title so I’m working on editing it down.






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DC Chillin: A memorial walk

I am leaving DC for a week to go to Philadelphia with my family on Wednesday. The summer has gone by so fast I can’t believe I am going to Philly and then coming back to the real world of school.

Before going back to school my best friend Calvin (remember the ethnic one from the last post) and I decided to do a memorial walk at Sunset. This obviously turned into a bit of a photo shoot with my new camera and all. Something as simple as taking out the trash turns into a photo shoot because even that looks abstract/interesting/beautifully- grotesque through that lens.


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