Sprinkles vs. Georgetown Cupcakes vs. Baked and Wired: A Showdown

Yesterday I was in Georgetown when a woman approached me asking where to buy the best cupcakes. After mulling over this question for a few minutes, I realized I had absolutely no idea.

This inability to answer this woman’s question was one of the lowest points of my life (okay, day). I can’t hold myself to the title of dessert extraordinaire if I don’t have an opinion on the neighborhood’s cupcakes. I might as well take sweet treat expert off my resume for this faux pas.

Which brings me to this investigatory piece (maybe it’s not Pulitzer price winning research, but I’ll take any excuse to sample desserts). My opinions and descriptions are based on the red velvet cupcake at three venues: Georgetown Cupcake, Sprinkles and Baked and Wired.

Georgetown Cupcake

The atmosphere of this famed cupcake eatery is all business. If you want to sip your coffee in doors or expect a box included in the price of your cupcake (they are 50¢), go elsewhere. The cupcakes themselves are small, and boast a perfect cupcake to frosting ratio. The frosting is not too sweet, with a prominent cream cheese flavor. The cake is very moist and rich (making me grateful for its size).

Baked and Wired

The incredible desire to wear plaid and a Chrome backpack overtakes most people as they enter Baked and Wired. Trendy art and plush sofas make the atmosphere cool and relaxed. Here you get more bang for your buck; the cupcakes are massive (maybe in homage to hip 90s movie Honey, Who Shrunk the Kids?). The frosting is thick and sugary, but not overwhelming because it’s limited. The cupcakes are very dense and crumbly.


Thinking the 50¢ box charge was bad; I was shocked by Sprinkles’ $1.75 box. After spending that much I am really going to cherish it forever. The cupcakes here are moist, light and deeply flavorful. The frosting is stiff (important in this melting heat) sweet and creamy but slightly overwhelmed the airy cake.

I am now nursing a cupcake induced stomachache and sugar coma  (I am always prepared to do this hard work for you). So with these descriptions I hope you can find what cup-cakery appeals to you.


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