The Little Things

Here are some random little occasions/ material goods that made me happy this week.

Sometime you really have to appreciate the little things… like when the cross walk changes to walk right as you need to cross the street. Love when that happens for some reason.

All of these are from trip to New York City to visit my best friend. The trip was amazing. Although I’m happy to be back to my  home in DC.


Momofuku candy bar pie… for breakfast. Can’t get much better than peanut butter, salted caramel and chocolate ganache right when you wake up.



Watching the sunset on a New York roof. So peaceful.


Delicious sushi at a BYOB … my favorite type of restaurant.


Puddin’- An entire restaurant dedicated to making pudding in NYC. I got the banana cream and it was amazing. And entirely too small because i could eat a vat of it.



Seeing my beautiful friends and roommates.



My roommate and I reunited again!



Eating lunch with my best friend in Chelsea Market. I had never been before!


That’s all for this week. Next week I will definitely include more pictures of DC… that is the point of this blog after all!


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