Skinny Boston Market Yams

One of the reasons I love Washington DC so much is because of the endless amounts of Boston Markets in the area. There’s one two stops away on the metro from me. I’d like to call that fate.

My love affair with Boston Market began when I was a small child. I have always loved their yams with marshmallows and brown sugar oats. Those were the ultimate yams, the king of kings. I compared every yam I came across to Boston Market’s. I even made my mom put marshmallows and oats on our Thanksgiving yams.

When it came time for me to graduate, I got to choose my favorite restaurant to cater the party. Naturally I chose Boston Market. Even my invitations had tiny fried chickens on them.

Are you convinced of my obsession yet?

I went there recently and obviously had the time of my life. I dreamed of the yams days before going and mourned when I finally scraped the last bite from my plate.

I know that they are so delicious because they are swimming in butter and drenched in sugar. I can only afford to binge each like this every so often, yet I still craved these yams. Once you taste the poison you can’t get enough.

That’s why I set about to create a deliciously creamy and sweet yam dish to rival Boston Markets. A yam dish with lots of flavor and texture, without the excessive calories. Which brings me to this recipe. It meets every criteria without added sugar, cream or butter. Enjoy!



Mashed Yams

1 yam peeled and cubed

1/2 cup water

2 TSP cinnamon

1 TSP sea salt

1/2 TSP pepper

1/2 TBS butter

1 package of Truvia


7 grapes halved

2 TBS raisins

1 TBS pine nuts

Pinch of salt

Pinch of cinnamon

Pinch of pepper

Spray of Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter


Put the yam, water, cinnamon, salt and pepper into a pot. Cover it with a lid. Bring the water to a boil and then lower it to a simmer. Let it simmer for fifteen minutes or until soft enough to mash with a fork. Put the butter and Truvia in and then mash the yams. Beat the yams with an electric beater for smoother, creamier texture.


Meanwhile, cover a cookie sheet in foil and turn your oven to low broil. In a bowl combine grapes, raisins, pine nuts, cinnamon, salt, pepper and butter. Spread the ingredients over the pan. Broil until pin nuts are crisp and raisins are plump. Add to the yams.





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