Little Things

This week was filled with lots of big changes, so I’m not sure this title can even be applicable.

This is my last week in DC before I visit Philadelphia with my parents, and return in time for early move in. I’m so excited to see my family so soon, and explore my favorite city with them. And I can’t wait to be reunited with my sorority sisters and lovely boyfriend when school starts.

However I’m feeling a little ambivalent about summer ending, as most people are I’m sure. I have loved getting to know DC without the pressure of school. I never get the chance to eat at all the restaurants I want to try and walk around the different neighborhoods of DC. This summer has given me such a great opportunity to become really familiar with the city I’ve lived in for two years already.

I definitely plan on making more time to go to different restaurants/ bars/ neighborhoods and continue exploring everything DC has to offer.

Anyways! These are all the little things that made this a great last week in [summer] DC.



Only my favorite restaurant in the world at 2 a.m.


Rooftop grilling with some of my best friends on a clear evening.



The spontaneous gorgeous murals in Adams Morgan.


I love that you can almost always see the Washington Monument wherever you are in the city.


Two of my sorority sisters visited and I had such a great time going out with my favorite people.



Mango popsicles on a hot, humid DC day.



Healthy breakfast omelet with sharp cheddar, sweet corn and caramelized onions.


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