Roof Top Grilling

This last week we have been grilling on my friend Jackie’s rooftop, nonstop. The views are beautiful and the humidity subsides during the evening making it perfectly pleasant. We sit up there for hours sipping sweet, super cheap wine (shout out to Barefoot Moscato) while Jackie grills us delicious ribs, chicken breasts, fish filets and more. What a treat!

Ultimate grill master Jackie, and my best (asian) friend, Calvin. Not my real best friend, just my best asian friend. Just kidding.



Grilled citrus salmon. So deliciously sweet and nicely grilled on these fancy-pants wooden planks.



Grilled chicken from a foreign dude who challenged Jackie to a grill off. She won. Obviously.



Barbecue ribs. So much better than FD’s (foreign dude) chicken. I mean come on look at it, we had to win that grill off. Like even the ribs win the picture-off against the chicken.



Jackie’s mango salsa. Which I shamelessly ate by the spoon-full. I didn’t even use chips, because they took away from the salsa. So I ditched the chips and just wait straight for the sauce. Luckily I had enough self control to resist ditching the utensils and eating it hand to face.


Great night grilling with beautiful friends in our beautiful city! Thanks for being such a great chef Jackie, while Cal and I lounge around and get our wine on.


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