Philadelphia: part 1

I’m really considering changing the name of this blog to Philly the place to be/coolest city on the planet. I always have so much fun when I visit (only twice…) and look forward to more travels there in the future. I really think I’d like to move there, although I haven’t been mugged/jumped there yet like many residence so I have a pretty romanticized view of it. Also because of the BYOB I rotate between hungover and drunk all day which leads me to believe I might not have the most accurate view of it… (you can read more about my obsession with BYOBs here).

I had amazing food, drinks and learned a lot. Turns out that since I am an international affairs major I don’t know too much about American history… I took the online test to become a citizen and let me just say it is a good thing I am already living here. I need to make more of an effort to learn American history apparently. Although when I took the test I was also drinking so I’m going to go ahead and blame it on the wine.

If you haven’t visited Philly, I really encourage you to! It has such a great local culture, budding food scene and fascinating history.

Independence hall.

Liberty Bell.

Learnin’ history with my papa.

Graffiti Bar.

Boozy shakes at Capogiro. Had to try them because of all the research I did for my article on alcoholic milk shakes for Scoutmob.

Band at Farmer’s Cabinet.

Barnes Foundation with mama.

My new favorite coffee La Colombe.


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