The Little Things



Feastly meals with one of my best foodie friends. Read about my experience and see my pictures from the event here.

Birthday cake for the boyfriend. More pictures to come!

My parents in Philly at the LOVE sculpture. So much smaller than I thought… My parents are the cutest couple ever.

Popping my Shake Shack cherry.

Staying at the Rittenhouse Hotel! (And taking my new shoes out for spin…)

Getting to try all the amazing restaurants I had planned to visit for months on end.


As school picks up I have not been the best about taking pictures (and updating my blog often). It’s hard for me to bring my clunky camera to every event I want to document, especially because I don’t want to put people on the spot or make them feel uncomfortable with its imposing lens. I will obviously have to get over this feeling, but for now it takes some getting used to.

Even on my iPhone I don’t have too many pictures other than sloppy selfies of my friends, because with all the excitement of seeing everyone again photos have not been my priority.

Thus this post will cover about a months span. From my trip to Philly to my first week of school I have many little moments that have meant so much to be. Giggling on the couch with my best friends for hours (so happy that I am reunited with so many great girls) has been the highlight of my time back. If only I had documented evidence of that!



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