Ted’s Bulletin

I have been absolutely dying to go to Ted’s Bulletin for two simple words: Homemade Poptart. Yesterday the boyfriend and I celebrated a year and a half together and since I had patiently eagerly been awaiting the chance to try this restaurant I jumped at the chance to go for a weekday brunch. And let me tell you it did not disappoint. I love old-school American food and this place had both the cuisine and retro atmosphere. Nothing beats watching Some Like it Hot on the big screen (Marylyn Monroe is really too beautiful) and sharing a milkshake with the boyfriend. I highly recommend visiting this spot and also budgeting time to walk around time the Eastern Market neighborhood before and after.



The blueberry cheesecake poptart. Look at all of those sprinkles… yum. The list of flavors available for the poptarts alone will make your mouth water. Next time I am getting bacon peanut butter, sweet and savory at its finest. Since it is no longer swim suit season I have declared a mission to try every flavor. All those fall layers can hide the subsequent poptart belly.



The secret recipe tomato soup. Anything that is supposedly secret I can’t resist. The flavor is incredibly tomatoey and not very creamy which I actually was very impressed by. Definitely a unique soup so good thing the secret hasn’t leaked yet.



The “Walk of Shame” breakfast burrito. Everyone needs to stop the judgmental looks you are giving me via computer immediately. I wasn’t actually walk of shaming at brunch; I didn’t have a sloppy Monday night. I love breakfast burritos (and often force people to eat them because make them so much), anything smothered in green chile and a clever menu name so this was the perfect main dish.



In all, a perfect brunch and a perfect year and a half with the boyfriend.


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