Chocolate Swirled Banana Bread Pudding

I found this recipe for banana bread brownies and I was immediately tempted to try it. I buy bananas in bulk but can never eat all of them by myself. My friend opened my freeze the other day and said she’s never look in to not find a browning frozen banana. This pretty much sums up my banana obsession.

After variations from Oreo banana bread to heath crunch banana bread I think I have exhausted all my options. Recently I made banana cheese cake just for the sake of branching out. So these banana brownies definitely stole my attention as something different.

However, they did not actually turn out very brownie-like which I’d have to say is probably a good thing. Fudgy, gooey banana bread? Actually sounds pretty foul the more I think about it. The only similarity with brownies is their bar shape; they actually taste like bread pudding, pretty delicious.

I brought them to my boyfriend and his room mates and they were gone within seconds. Even the boyfriend who doesn’t love sweets gobbled them down…. him finally appreciate what I bake is a pretty big milestone in our relationship. Because of their popularity when I was taking photos most of the bread had already been eaten, so please excuse that.

Regardless of the name controversy I highly recommend this recipe!


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