The Little Things

“You need to let the little thing that would ordinarily bore you, suddenly thrill you”

– Andy Warhol poster that hangs in my bathroom.



Chocolate chip cookies stuffed with Oreos and peanut butter. Some of my favorite cookies to make because I love the taste of baked Oreos. However, one aspect that was definitely not a pleasant part of my week, was the allergic reaction they caused my little. Luckily she survived without a trip to the hospital but I still feel guilty for almost killing her with cookies (I know they look innocent but those suckers are ruthless).



The new dish towels my dad got me in Philly. Makes my room feel a little more like a home instead of a dorm.



Bowling at Lucky Strikes with the boyfriend! We had a double date there and let me just say: bowling is underrated. I hadn’t been since they bussed us there for middle school field trips, but I plan on going a lot more often now, (I definitely need the practice for a potential comeback). The music is also awesome, so you can pop, lock and drop it instead of focusing on your horrible losing streak.



The best thing about bowling besides the R. Kelly soundtrack? Definitely the shoes…. almost stole them so I could wear them regularly.



Right now (due to how lovable my roommates and I are) we have four bouquets of flowers. Actually it’s just one bouquet that I have split up into many vases to make us look more popular/loved. So far our guests have been very impressed.


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