Lemon Sandwich Cookies



I was browsing Pinterest the other day when I saw a recipe for “Award Winning Lemon Cookies.” Now I am a sucker for anything that is award- winning even if it just won best cookie against a box of  Trefoils (worst cookie ever am I right?). So obviously I couldn’t pass up trying them out.

Personally I thought the recipe could use a little more lemon so I doubled the lemon zest and juice called for. And instead of rolling the dough in powdered sugar, I rolled it in granulated sugar because I thought it would look better (honestly I was just out of powered sugar).

I also made them into sandwich cookies by frosting them with butter cream. This really took them to the next level, and made them what I would consider award winning. Some of my friends even told me they were the best things I had ever made, although they were a little bit drunk at the time.

Here is the recipe for the cookies and I recommend using whatever frosting recipe you feel up to! They would be great with lemon, strawberry or vanilla butter cream!


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