District Commons

I am always on the look out for restaurant deals, especially as a writer for Scoutmob. I heard about the “dinner bell” deal at District Commons over the summer and have been eager to try it ever since. Here is the concept described from their website.

Every night at 10 pm (Sundays at 9), we ring the classic dinner bell in the kitchen to symbolize staff meal time – but you can join in too.  For $12 per person, you’ll enjoy a different dish every night.  Guaranteed to chase away the late-night hungries! Here’s what we’re offering:

Monday – ‘Mom’s Night’ Nana Sue’s Meatloaf
Pyrex Scalloped Potatoes, Non-Shocked Green Beans
Tuesday – “Wimpy’s Payback” – Two for Tuesday
2 Six Buck Chucks, 2 Fries, 2 PBR (not for the staff)
Wednesday – HOLY COW-Midweek Ritual of Cleaning Out the Walk-In
Chicken Fried Steak & Cream Gravy, Mashed Potatoes,
Monday’s Green Beans
Thursday – “TenPenh Night”
Bringing Back Ting’s Thai Bento Box
Friday – “Payday” – Staff’s Favorite Day and Meal
Pupusas with all the Fixings
Saturday – “BFD” – Late Night, Skipping Breakfast
Huevos Rancheros
Sunday – “Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner” – Crisco,
Cast Iron and Patience
Fried Chicken, Mac & Cheese, Collards

I went on Sunday with a group of girlfriends because I was not sure if I had the patience to wait to eat dinner at 10. 9 seemed management though, and who can resist fried chicken.I definitely think is a great concept and I wish more people took advantage of it! $12 was a steal of a deal considering the amount of food on the plate and the fast service. I was enjoying perfectly crisped chicken and warm biscuits (on very chic little trays) very soon after ordering. We finished the meal with the blackout chocolate cake, because you can’t have a girls night without lots of chocolate obviously.

I’d definitely recommend “the dinner bell is ringing” meal for anyone who wants to try District Commons on a budget! I will personally be there to try the bento box next.


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