Quick Breads

I wasn’t able to bake at all during the week because on Friday I had a huge paper due. I spent all Tuesday and Wednesday working on the paper so that on Thursday I could have the day for baking. I woke up more excited than Christmas morning on Thursday, and although that is pretty pathetic it’s not even an exaggeration.

I love having sweets in the morning for breakfast or as just a little something to get my “metabolism going” (lame excuse I know). Nothing is better in the morning than a slice of quick bread so thats what I chose to make.

I found recipes for banana bread and date bread and make them in a hurry. Unfortunately when I was making the date bread I got a little distracted and completely forgot to put in flour. I had to scrap out the batter (with the streusel on top) and mix in the flour. So sadly the beautiful crumbled streusel was ruined. However, the end product was absolutely delicious (although not exactly beautiful) so I got over my mistake.

These recipes are simple, delicious and require very little ingredients so bake away!

Banana bread

Date quick bread






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