Paulo’s Ristorante



Paulo’s has been one of my favorite restaurants in Georgetown since I first came to DC. I have had many birthday parties, and parents’ weekend dinners on its beautiful sidewalk patio. California Italian is one of my favorite cuisines (which is why I am shamelessly addicted to all of Giada’s cooking shows even though I hate how she says ricotta).

Last week Paulo’s was featured on Scoutmob so after jumping for joy I planned a day to go immidiately. I fantasized about the warm bread sticks and olive tapenade for days; it was the bright light at the end of my dark tunnel of homework and statistics classes.

When I got there I knew what to order right away (only my favorite salad in all of DC) the cayenne and espresso steak salad. I hadn’t had steak since Philly so I practically started to tear up when the food arrived (maybe a bit of an overreaction induced by the $3 cocktails at happy hour).



The boyfriend ordered tortellini rose which was also delicious and made him equally as happy as anything with cheese and noodles tend to do.



Basically this is my plead for you to go to Paulo’s yourself. Seriously great for any audience, everyone from picky eaters (like my boyfriend…) to DC foodies, can appreciate so-fresh-they-are-still-steaming-breadsticks am I right?! Oh and sign up for Scoutmob and take advantage of the 50% off!



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