Eggnog Mini Donuts

Even though I am in the midst of finals and applying for a French visa I have still somehow found time to bake. I think it keeps me sane during end-of-the-semester chaos. At least that is my excuse for making 40 mini eggnog donuts at 12 am last night.

I tried two different recipes because I didn’t want to stop baking to make sure I came up with the perfect donut. I would recommend the vanilla eggnog donut recipe from Averie Cooks. And the eggnog glaze recipe from Tracey’s Culinary Adventures. Over all they created fluffy, moist donuts with rich eggnog flavor. Perfect for the holiday season!



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2 responses to “Eggnog Mini Donuts

  1. So glad you liked these donuts and funny you should make them today – I made them exactly one year ago today (although the blog post is a few days after) but I know this because I was getting on a plane a year ago today for a trip and the reason I didn’t make a thicker glaze is b/c I knew we’d be eating these with sticky fingers on an airplane. Lol

    Glad you liked them and thanks for linking back!

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