Holiday Baking


With leftover eggnog and one hundred miniature cupcakes tins from my recent trip to Peppercorn, the natural thing to do this weekend was get baking immediately. I made a chocolate bite sized cupcake and frosted it with this recipe I found for eggnog frosting. (By the way the frosting is delicious, I would just add slightly more eggnog, although I’m addicted to any sugary festive drinks). In hindsight I wished I had made bite sized frosted brownies but I can save that for my next trip home when I can get more mini tins.


This week I also made caramel frosted brownies. This is my own recipe that I am modifying and selling for midnight bite! I am going to put up more pictures of the next batch and the recipe (both with much more caramel) when they are sold next weekend.


You may be wondering how I have time to bake with finals week fast approaching. Basically many hours of sleep and much of my social live have been sacrificed… sugar is better than friends and rest through right….


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