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On Sunday my roommates and I went to Angelina for an afternoon snack. Angelina probably has the most famous and most expensive hot chocolate in all of Paris (and maybe in the whole world..). The drink has the consistency of melted chocolate and is served with a side of whipped cream so it can be thinned if preferred.

We got there at three and surprisingly had only to wait in a very short line before we were seated. According to guide books the line can often stretch far down the block. Although tables turn quickly here.
Once we were seated my room mate Clara turned to Kate and I and whispered “I think the girl sitting directly behind me is Taylor Swift.” One look at her and the suspicion was confirmed. Now we are in our 20s but we had a major preteen reaction to the situation. Actually tweens probably would have behaved more appropriately than we did.
The room grew too hot and we all started uncontrollably laughing/ screaming/ crying/ sweating/ shaking. We thought we were playing it cool but upon rehashing it we definitely lost our cool immediately. None of us knew if we should talk to her or if that would scare her away.
Because of this situation pastries and hot chocolate were the last thing on our mind.
The waiter would continued to try to take our order but each time words failed to come out of our mouths. Finally he just suggested desserts and we were capable of nodding in response. All we could think about was the fact that we could simply reach out and touch one of the biggest American pop stars.
The hot chocolate was honestly one of the  best thing I’ve ever tasted and presented so beautifully. I’m definitely going to go back to have more at a time I’m less distracted. We couldn’t even bring the tea cups to our lips and so unfortunately the ten euro hot chocolate went almost untouched. Can you blame us though- our senses were so overwhelmed!
I also got the lemon tart which was delicate, flavorful and the perfect fruity balance to the uber chocolatey drinks. I first got the white chocolate eclair which was also phenomenal but slightly too much chocolate with the drink. So my wonderful friend Clara gladly switched with me.
In the end we took tons of pictures of Taylor but were too scared to ever confront her for an autograph. I think it’s save to say we aren’t very good at seeing celebrities so good thing it doesn’t happen too often.
Definitely the best day I have had in Paris- seeing Taylor swift in one of Paris’ most famous restaurants…. totally a dream come true.


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Il Saint Louis’ Best Bakery

This title is slightly misleading because I think there are only two bakeries on Il Saint Louis so there isn’t much competition. But nevertheless this place is unreal which is proven by the huge lines of people that wait outside of it. We haven’t quite figured out the bakery’s hours yet so whenever it is open we stock up on dark chocolate crossants and spinach quiches. It is like the Room of Requirement in Harry Potter, it only appears open when we are at our most hungover and need it desperately. Waiting in line at a bakery in the freezing cold feels very Parisian. And the almond and chocolate torte pictured below are definitely worth both the line and the cold.






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Luxembourg and Marshmallows


















I’m trying to experience as many bakeries as possible in The Patisseries of Paris book. Definitely a guidebook to purchase if you are as sugar obsessed as I am. I might need another copy since I’ve drooled on every one of the  photographs, and the pages are getting sticky from my sugary fingers. One of the places recommend is the bakery that produced the first marshmallows in Paris. Definitely a title I couldn’t resist. The marshmallows are sold in long pastel ribbons, making a whole one impossible to eat and irresistible to admire. The book recommend the unusual flavors of coffee and orange. I decided on coffee and regretted it halfway through when I realized I didn’t like to drink coffee, let alone eat six fluffy inches of it. However, many hours later after some 1 euro wine, I liked the marshmallow much better. But anything tastes good after drinking cheap homemade wine coolers.










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Aux Desirs de Manon




Since we’ve been here we have been eating about two baguettes a day… when in Rome right? So we are on a constant search to find the best baguette. Yesterday morning we left our little island and walked across the bridge to the 4th arrondissement. We stopped at the first bakery we got to (although we are eating endless starch we also want to exercise as little as possible… obviously going for the study abroad weight gain). I would have to say that these baguettes are the best we have had yet. Crusty and crisp shell with a moist and fluffy inside. We also got almond and chocolate croissants because you can’t evaluate a bakery just based on the bread. And it’s pretty much impossible to leave that place without buying much more than you had planned. Both were delicious and since we were able to polish off these decadent treats within minutes, I’d definitely recommend it.








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Place de la Madeleine

Thanks to a guide book recommendation (shout out to Walking Tours of Paris) we went to Place de la Madeleine on Monday. This neighborhood is the Rodeo drive of food shops. There are stores dedicated completely to mustard (flavors range from curry to cassis) or filled with huge varieties of honey. So basically it resembles heaven. Except with many more pushy French people.

In the freezing winter I couldn’t always find the strength to take my gloves off and take a picture. So hopefully I can go back (with my parents and their credit card) so everyone can get a feel for the place.






^Cafe next to the Notre Dame called Esmeralda.

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Lime Bars

I made these from my house in Denver and not actually in Paris. We don’t have an oven in Paris so unfortunately I can’t bake… so I’m just going to have to get creative with stove top cooking and no-bake desserts. I’m trying to view this as a challenge instead of getting upset about it. Nothing wrong with sharpening my cooking skills, especially since one day I probably won’t be able to eat as many sweets as I do now. I ain’t Benjamin Button so my metabolism is only getting worse.

I got the lemon bars recipe from this site. I actually used lime juice because I was out of lemon, and it tasted almost identical. So if you only have lime juice or even some margarita mix left over from taco Tuesday (kinda kidding about the last one) you can still make a crowd pleasing sweet treat.




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A Snowy Eiffel Tower Visit

I’ve only been in Paris for four days now and every minute has been wonderful (apart from the painful jet lag and language gap). However, I have experienced a bit of culture shock. Everything is so tiny in France! At grocery stores you can only buy miniature bags of flour and hotel-sized bottles of shampoo. I know people always says that everything is bigger in the US so I’m having the opposite problem here. Where is there a Costco I can buy unhealthy amounts of  deli meats from?

Yesterday my roommate Kate and I walked to the Eiffel Tower just as it was starting to snow. Unfortunately we accidentally got off at the wrong metro stop and had to walk twenty blocks to reach our destination: classic mixup.  Hopefully next time we can actually get to the top and experience the intense vertigo that I’m sure accompanies this journey.

It was freezing on the way back and so obviously we stopped for wine. Nothing warms you up (and empties your wallet) like 25 oz of rose near Paris’s most famous landmark.











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