Crack Brownies




If you haven’t figured out by now, I can’t resist a layered brownie. Especially one with an incredibly enticing/ seductive name like crack brownie or better -than- sex- brownie. With those names I simply must bake them and see what makes these specific brownies more addicting than crack or better than sex.

These creations are composed of a layer of brownie; a layer of marshmallows, peanuts and Reese’s cups; and a layer of peanut butter rice krispies.

I think the rice krispie layer is by far the most crack like, by which I mean the most addicting. I used this recipe. I would only advise that you undercook the brownies and take them out of the oven after 15-20 minutes. I cooked them according to the box and when I put the pan in the refridgerator to let the krispy layer set, I think it really dried out the brownies. Undercooked, fudgy brownies would not have dried out in the same way.

In other news, I am leaving for Paris tomorrow! That means the name of my blog will be changed to something catchy and witty about Paris. I haven’t thought of anything yet so I’m totally open to suggestions! I will be there for five months studying abroad, and I absolutely can’t wait to explore the city and the incredibly food scene. I will continue baking but hopefully with a very French influence. Goodbye for now!






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