A Snowy Eiffel Tower Visit

I’ve only been in Paris for four days now and every minute has been wonderful (apart from the painful jet lag and language gap). However, I have experienced a bit of culture shock. Everything is so tiny in France! At grocery stores you can only buy miniature bags of flour and hotel-sized bottles of shampoo. I know people always says that everything is bigger in the US so I’m having the opposite problem here. Where is there a Costco I can buy unhealthy amounts of  deli meats from?

Yesterday my roommate Kate and I walked to the Eiffel Tower just as it was starting to snow. Unfortunately we accidentally got off at the wrong metro stop and had to walk twenty blocks to reach our destination: classic mixup.  Hopefully next time we can actually get to the top and experience the intense vertigo that I’m sure accompanies this journey.

It was freezing on the way back and so obviously we stopped for wine. Nothing warms you up (and empties your wallet) like 25 oz of rose near Paris’s most famous landmark.












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