Luxembourg and Marshmallows


















I’m trying to experience as many bakeries as possible in The Patisseries of Paris book. Definitely a guidebook to purchase if you are as sugar obsessed as I am. I might need another copy since I’ve drooled on every one of the  photographs, and the pages are getting sticky from my sugary fingers. One of the places recommend is the bakery that produced the first marshmallows in Paris. Definitely a title I couldn’t resist. The marshmallows are sold in long pastel ribbons, making a whole one impossible to eat and irresistible to admire. The book recommend the unusual flavors of coffee and orange. I decided on coffee and regretted it halfway through when I realized I didn’t like to drink coffee, let alone eat six fluffy inches of it. However, many hours later after some 1 euro wine, I liked the marshmallow much better. But anything tastes good after drinking cheap homemade wine coolers.











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2 responses to “Luxembourg and Marshmallows

  1. Shelly Smith-Acuna

    Beautiful! We are on a boat now, had trouble with dads email so will try to send apartment info when we get back. We are thinking of you!!!!! Love you, mom

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  2. Michaela

    Moni!! such beautiful pictures, what camera are you using?! you’re amazing and please continue to let me live vicariously through you!! love you and looks live you’re having an absolutely incredible time!! xoxo ❤ mickay

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