On Sunday my roommates and I went to Angelina for an afternoon snack. Angelina probably has the most famous and most expensive hot chocolate in all of Paris (and maybe in the whole world..). The drink has the consistency of melted chocolate and is served with a side of whipped cream so it can be thinned if preferred.

We got there at three and surprisingly had only to wait in a very short line before we were seated. According to guide books the line can often stretch far down the block. Although tables turn quickly here.
Once we were seated my room mate Clara turned to Kate and I and whispered “I think the girl sitting directly behind me is Taylor Swift.” One look at her and the suspicion was confirmed. Now we are in our 20s but we had a major preteen reaction to the situation. Actually tweens probably would have behaved more appropriately than we did.
The room grew too hot and we all started uncontrollably laughing/ screaming/ crying/ sweating/ shaking. We thought we were playing it cool but upon rehashing it we definitely lost our cool immediately. None of us knew if we should talk to her or if that would scare her away.
Because of this situation pastries and hot chocolate were the last thing on our mind.
The waiter would continued to try to take our order but each time words failed to come out of our mouths. Finally he just suggested desserts and we were capable of nodding in response. All we could think about was the fact that we could simply reach out and touch one of the biggest American pop stars.
The hot chocolate was honestly one of the  best thing I’ve ever tasted and presented so beautifully. I’m definitely going to go back to have more at a time I’m less distracted. We couldn’t even bring the tea cups to our lips and so unfortunately the ten euro hot chocolate went almost untouched. Can you blame us though- our senses were so overwhelmed!
I also got the lemon tart which was delicate, flavorful and the perfect fruity balance to the uber chocolatey drinks. I first got the white chocolate eclair which was also phenomenal but slightly too much chocolate with the drink. So my wonderful friend Clara gladly switched with me.
In the end we took tons of pictures of Taylor but were too scared to ever confront her for an autograph. I think it’s save to say we aren’t very good at seeing celebrities so good thing it doesn’t happen too often.
Definitely the best day I have had in Paris- seeing Taylor swift in one of Paris’ most famous restaurants…. totally a dream come true.


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2 responses to “Angelina

  1. Pam

    omg has maya read this yet? MAYA! You’re gonna be SOOOO jealous!

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