Debauve and Gallais



Yesterday I had the biggest chocolate craving and after fishing all the chocolate flakes out of my Special K, I decided I should just splurge for the real thing. For the ultimate indulgence I went to the chocolatier that used to make sweets for Marie Antoinette. Can’t get fancier than that. I tried the Earl Grey, honey chocolate, caramel white chocolate and creme brulee. The creme brulee was by far the best: so flavorful and rich. After eating all of these and the multiple samples (that I took despite the accusing eyes of the women working there) my chocolate craving was satisfied, at least for the day.






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3 responses to “Debauve and Gallais

  1. Suzanne Lavaux

    I love reading your blog! Enjoy eating your way through Paris! Luv ya…

  2. Suzanne Lavaux

    Your blog is awesome! I feel like I’m with you….love your photography and of course, I have this amazing urge to eat chocolate after reading each line…hhhmmmm.. Luv ya and miss you!

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