L’as Du Fallafel


Although you couldn’t tell based on my blog, sometimes (okay, rarely) I eat food that doesn’t contain sugar. To prove it I decided to document my recent trip to the famed falafel restaurant, L’as du Fallfel. I have had many people tell me it was a must have in Paris and I read a yelp review that claimed they waited 90 minutes in line for one and it was worth it. In my opinion nothing is worth that wait, but I admire your stamina Rachelle W.

There was no line when I went luckily because I was starved. I couldn’t even walk the two blocks to my apartment before unwrapping the foil and digging in.
This pita really is delicious (especially the roasted eggplant which easily elevates it above Roti). It also feels so much healthier than the gyros we have been living on. With the fried chickpeas nestles between shredded cabbage and tomatoes, this is the closest I’ve come to having a salad in Paris.
It’s definitely worth the trip (although probably not over 1 hour  in line). It’s a huge amount of food for five euros so don’t forget to go hungry!

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