Paris in the Sunshine




After two months of cloudiness, snow and wearing the same puffy coat everywhere (I promise I wore different outfits each day, you just can’t tell in pictures) this past week of sunshine has been such a gift. I finally got to shed all my layers and go for walks in just a leather jacket. So satisfying. Because of the cold we haven’t always taken adventage of our prime location. We pretty much take the metro everywhere, even to Hotel De Ville which I recently found out is only five blocks from us. Whoops.

So with the weather in the fifties we are taking full advantage of our hot spot location, and I mean full advantage. We have resisted drinking so we don’t waste these perfect days wallowing in our beds with hangovers. It has taken a lot of self control but has been completely worth it.

On Tuesday Kate and I actually walked to the Pantheon. We saw the tombs of many famous people including Voltaire, Victor Hugo and Alexandre Dumas. I haven’t included those pictures because pictures of tombs seems a little too morbid for a baking blog. We then got frites from a little Belgium frite stand a couple of block away. The frites were delicious and completely overflowing (that huge cone is yours for only 2.50 euro!!) so we decided to sit and eat them. We found the stairs where Owen Wilson waits for the car to pick him up in Midnight in Paris (right behind the Pantheon) which made the perfect picnic spot. A flawless Parisian day and I’m sure if the weather holds up there will be many more like it!














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