One great thing about the American University of Paris is the two week long spring vacation. Even though I’m only taking three classes, so I’m not exactly desperate for a break. The week started strong as I left immediately to meet Glen in Barcelona. The first day we walked around La Rambla, soaked in the warm weather (a great contrast to grey Paris) and indulged in multiple cones of gelato. At night we went to the Barcelona soccer game which was definitely a great cultural experience, even though I’m not the biggest fan (I need high scoring games to stay interested… ADD much?)

However, that night our trip took an interesting turn. We went out to the famous beach club Opium to meet Glen’s study abroad friends. I don’t typically frequent clubs and I guess I didn’t realize how dark they are. I had just bought a 10 euro drink and my first step on to the dance floor I tripped on some stairs. I was so busy trying to product the expensive drink that I put far too much pressure on my thumb to catch myself. And although I toughed it up at the club that night, the next day the pain was unbearable. A few hours in the ER later and my thumb was determined broken. Now I get to be in a clunky cast for the next three weeks while my thumb heals… So I think it is safe to say that Barcelona officially kicked my ass.

Although we wasted a day in the hospital we crammed as many Gaudi tours and tapas restaurants into the next 24 hours as possible. The highlight of the trip was our two year anniversary dinner at Ciudad Condal. If I could recommend anything from the trip it would be this restaurant. Such authentic, interesting and flavorful Spanish delicacies. And if the food isn’t enough to get you there, the cava is only eight euro a bottle. The best/ only cure for a broken thumb.
The adventures progressed to Prague so for now my spring break is to be continued… More to come in a few days!











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  1. Suzanne Lavaux

    Amazing adventures & I love your photos!! So glad you’re having fun & now your family is joining you. Grammy is so excited!! Just don’t lose her in Paris… ;0)

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