Baking Class in Paris




One thing I’ve been eager to do in Paris is take a cooking class. I wanted to learn how to use their metric system, and after my convection oven fiasco I desperately wanted to fill my baking void. Paying 90 euros to use a functioning oven was definitely worth it.

After consulting David Lebovitz’s blog (he really is my Paris spirit guide) I found baking classes in English.
The class at La Cuisine was incredibly informative and the perfect length. The end results were also impressive if I do say so myself. We made a dessert you can find in most Parisian restaurants, Cafe Gourmand. It features a trio of tiny desserts and a cappuccino, which I think is absolutely brilliant. I can never narrow it down to one dessert at the end of a meal, but this clever innovation lets you sample three desserts. What could be better? Our Cafe Gourmand consisted of creme brulee, a praline tart, lace cookies, and a chocolate pear crumble. I will post the recipes for all of this when I am back in the U.S. and able to try them in my own kitchen!

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