As soon as the weather hits above 40 degrees Parisians grab their jaunty scarfs and their cigarettes and head to the nearest outdoor cafe. Everyone is so eager for spring that I think they have convinced themselves that it’s near (even though this week’s forecast only predicts rain). All the stores are fully stocked in floral dresses and the lines at Berthillon have never been longer. Half of me wants to scream, “it’s F%#$ING freezing outside” and sulk around my petit appartement. But the other half of me wants to celebrate the mediocre weather. So I’ve chosen the latter and have joined every other Parisian by indulged in picnicking, sightseeing and endless ice cream.










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2 responses to “Montmartre

  1. Shelagh

    Love the pictures of Montmartre-wish I had gone there (maybe instead of the somber Easter Mass!)

  2. Suzanne Lavaux

    Gorgeous photos!! We are freezing too at our 3rd baseball game for max. Wesley came to visit & saw one of his games. Luv ya!

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