Before going back to the US, Kate and I celebrated (mourned) the end of the easiest school we had ever had the pleasure of attending, with a trip to Taormina. After taking three classes, none of them with any tests, it is really essential to treat yourself to a beach vacation.

Taormina was recently featured in the New York Times travel section, which made it an incredibly popular destination for about 300 senior citizen Americans. Kate and I decided to embrace the senior citizen culture by attending 5 pm endless anti pasta buffets and indulging in early bed time with mid day naps. All of our friends were named Bob or Shirley and lived in Florida, but after a bottle of delicious (cheap) house wine we found plenty in common with them.

One day we even volunteered to babysit two nine year old boys at the beach, just because they were the people we met closest to our age. The parents were greatful for alone times (or suspected we were pedophiles) and we were happy to have friends to wave surf with.

Although our relaxation time was not exactly well deserved, we never wanted to leave the clear blue waters of Isolo Dora and the cheese oozing rice balls at Da Christina. The breathtaking views, friendly people and wildly creative gelato flavors definitely make Taormina an underrated paradise.








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