Three weeks ago I started a job at the National Restaurant Association. I have been so happy to work a job writing about my favorite subject; but after studying abroad in Paris, working 9 am- 5 pm has taken some getting used to. I’ve still been baking in any free time, so I have plenty of pictures just waiting to be posted.

About a month ago I made this flan. In Paris they claim to serve flan traditionnel in every patisseries but it was usually fairly dry. I vowed to make a flan absolutely saturated in caramel as soon as I had a functioning oven.

The first time I made flan was after I had gone out for a few drinks. I have a tendency to try to bake after I go out with friends. And it hardly ever turns out well (last night I had to throw out a batch of lemon bars because I thought it would be a good idea to add grenadine to them…. It wasn’t). So the first time a made flan resulted in sweetened scrambled eggs (which weren’t half bad, if I’m being honest). The second time was not at 11 pm and the end product was creamy, rich custard.

Lesson learned, although flan appears easy because of the few ingredients required, remember to watch the time, put the pan in a water bath, and attempt it stone cold sober.









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