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Peanut Butter Caramel Fudge


Freshman year of high school I was baking and accidentally poured boiling caramel on myself. I still have the scar to prove it, and although I considered including pictures in my post, I’ll spare everyone the gory details. Ever since then I swore off desserts with caramel (which it turns out is a large variety). But I found a recipe from the Pioneer Woman┬áthat has ended my boycott and saved the surface area of my arm. So if anyone else is scared of caramel this is definitely the recipe to try. Because it is so easy (and safe) I have been adding caramel to everything. My new obsession is what prompted this peanut butter fudge. Top this┬ápeanut butter fudge with salted caramel and Oreos, and you’ve got the ultimate artery clogging crowd pleasing dessert.




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Blueberry lemon donuts



These last couple of weeks I’ve really made baking one of my priorities… that’s probably because I’ve started class again and it is my ultimate form of procrastination. Somehow studying international finance does not sound so appealing when I could be making (and sampling) cookies.

When it came to posting a recipe this week I had a wide selection to choose from. I’m choosing to post my lemon and blueberry mini donuts to add some variety to the site. Although it would not appear so, sometimes I eat fruit. And sometimes I bake with ingredients other than chocolate. This is rare because typically when it comes to dessert I’d rather have a chocolately- peanut-buttery mess of sugar, than a sour fruit tart or anything with slight health benefits.

I reconciled with these blueberry donuts but coating them in butter and cinnamon sugar. But even I have to admit that they are pretty delicious even without the extra calories.



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Ice Cream Cake


This cake is perfect for the baking challenged because it simply requires cutting pound cake into squares and spooning on the ice cream of your choice. Not typical of Martha Stewart to make cooking so incredibly easy, but hey I’ll take it. I chose to use peanut butter chocolate, vanilla and salted caramel ice cream. The end result was so decadent and rich that my grandma claimed she couldn’t eat the whole next day. Mission accomplished.


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Peanut Butter Cups


My imitation of commercialized products continues with peanut butter cups. I loved making my own Reese’s cups because I felt like I could health-ify them; which in my book simply means switching the milk chocolate for dark chocolate. With this simple ingredient upgrade I feel justified popping those candies like pills. After all, dark chocolate is heart healthy, right? Find the recipe here.



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