Pecan pie… but wait there’s more.



2013 has been the year of hybrid dessert. Starting in May, people across the world proved this with their unsatisfiable Cronut fetish. I don’t remember what life was like before the Cronut become a household name, but I can safely say I don’t want to go back to a day when this French-American love child didn’t exist.

Because I’m a sucker for trends and over-the-top-sweets, I decided to jump on the hybrid dessert bandwagon. Starting with: pecan pie… baked into chocolate cake. I haven’t yet decided on a catchy name, so on the comments below please feel free to leave your advice. Although this cake is extreme, I think next time I will bring it into overdrive by making it into a layer cake. Imagine cutting into a cake and discovering each layer is stuffed with pie… I need to copyright that idea.

Recipe here.



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One response to “Pecan pie… but wait there’s more.

  1. Great fusion of two classics! Might even become the new cronut! Great recipe 🙂

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