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Samoa Brownies


When I was in elementary school I did the whole Girl Scout thing. I subjected myself to degradation beyond reconciliation  by pushing a wagon filled with cookies to every one of my neighbors, clad in a puke green vest too small for my over-weight-elementary frame. Although this humiliation still haunts me, I have decided to relive this part of my past with Samoa brownies. Because my mother ended up buying most of the cookies herself (and because I hadn’t learned the concept of self control when it came to food) I was/am very familiar with the flavors. These brownies take Samoas to the next level by improving their inherently stale texture and keeping their perfect flavor combination.

Find the recipe here. I did make one slight change, subbing my favorite caramel sauce  (classic) for the melted caramel candies. Melting solid caramels still scares me, as I have the burn evidence on my arm to prove.







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Truffle brownies with raspberries and white chocolate


Junior year of high school I became a chocolate of the month member of Godiva. This exclusive free membership gives everyone the opportunity to sample a truffle on the house once a month. I am proud to say that after 5 years of membership I have never missed a month, or ever actually purchased something from Godiva. I have even stopped feeling awkward when they hand me my free sample and ask “is that all for you today?”

This raspberry white chocolate brownie is inspired by one of my monthly truffles. Maybe one day I will actually buy something from the store, but in the mean time I will continue to indulge in my membership and make imitation brownies.

I followed my favorite brownie recipe and added 1 bar of chopped white chocolate and half a bag of frozen raspberries.








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White chocolate oatmeal cookies


This week I believe I created the ultimate oatmeal cookie. Although this may sound like bragging, the recipe is not my own and actually comes from the goddess of all things domestic: Ina Garten. I made a few tiny changes (sorry Ina) that elevated these oatmeal cookies above their chocolate chip rivals.

Sometimes I feel like oatmeal cookies are overlooked. I think raisins gave them a bad rep, so the first change I made was subbing the sad fruit for chunks of white chocolate. I doubled the amount of vanilla extract, cinnamon, and salt to enhance the flavor, and also doubled the cookie size to ensure a soft texture. The second the bottoms started to color in the oven I took them out so they stayed doughy. Even though they have about a six inch circumference, (can you tell I’m writing this in my math class) these cookies are addictive enough to eat multiple in one sitting.




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Pumpkin pie… turnt up


This post was supposed to go up on Halloween but due to a cycle of endless midterms, I’m not as up on my blogging game. Senoritis hasn’t hit me hard enough that I’ve lost all priorities (yet), so as of now blogging comes after midterm studying.

However this pie isn’t Halloween exclusive and would make an awesome addition to your Thanksgiving dessert spread. Personally I’m not a huge fan of traditional pie crust, so the Oreo is a welcomed alternative. The chocolate cookie crust is easily a better match with the custard filling, and lets face it the color combination is pretty damn festive. Find the pie filling recipe here and the crust recipe here (although I always wing it: the more butter the better).


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100th post and pumpkin caramel cookies


Although often I feel like the only person reading this blog is my mom, I still take so much pleasure posting my photos and useless thoughts. It makes me happy to have concrete evidence documenting how my photography, baking skills and general life have developed, so hopefully I can keep it up for 100 more posts (or maybe by then I’ll be doing something slightly more substantial with my life…).

To mark the occasion I am posting caramel stuffed pumpkin cookies. They are every bit as good as they look in the pictures so I highly recommend you make them immediately. Find the recipe here.

Cheers and thanks for reading!




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Cookie Dough Brownies


I’ve sampled enough batters and doughs that I’ve started to believe salmonella is an urban myth. My theory is that salmonella is something our mother’s made up to keep our hands out of the mixing bowl. For those who are not buying into my theory, these brownies are perfect for you. The cookie dough is completely eggless but tastes exactly like the real thing. These brownies allow you to indulge in cookie dough (and undercooked brownies), without that prebaking guilt.

Recipe here.




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Coconut Layer Cake


I think coconut is either something you love or you hate. My younger brother is strangely addicted, so when he came to visit I had to bake him the over-the-top coconut creation he deserved. The result was this eight layer vanilla and chocolate layer cake, with coconut frosting. I kept the frosting flavor fairly subtle, to appease the coconut haters, especially since I knew my bother couldn’t eat all eight layers on his own.

Frosting recipe here.






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