Oreo Cupcakes


I am obsessed with Oreos and probably go through about a package a week. The one thing is I don’t like the cookie part of an Oreo, only the filling. Something about Oreo’s sweet vanilla filling is completely addictive, where as the hard crumbly cookies do absolutely nothing for me. So how I eat Oreos is scraping out the filling and putting the discarded ends back in the box. My family, friends and roommates have all expressed their annoyance of this habits many times. Turns out they don’t love opening an Oreo box to find the insides missing.

In an effort to use the Oreo cookies I am constantly looking for recipes with chocolate crusts or cookie crumbs. This recipe for Oreo cupcakes was perfect as it called for cookies san filling in the frosting. The frosting is one of the best I’ve ever had, which lessens guilt I have about my strange eating habits. Recipe¬†here.






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