New York City


I haven’t posted anything besides a recipe in a long time, partly because I haven’t been traveling much, and mostly because desserts are more photogenic than I am. However, this last weekend I got take a trip to NYC with Calvin (otherwise known as my token Asian friend).

Although there were some low points, including a post Bolt Bus meltdown and eating Wendy’s twice in one day, there were also many high points. I finally made it to Brooklyn, and was rewarded by seeing Robert Pattinson and Dakota Fanning at Smorgasbord! I’m a bit of a celebrity whore (proud Us Weekly subscriber since 2000) and hyperventilated to the extent that Calvin refused to be associated with me, but we all have our weaknesses.

Even with our Wendy’s indulgence we managed to try two great restaurants, Cafe Mogador and Shelter Pizza. They are about a block away from each other, so I recommend going to Cafe Mogador for their hangover brunch, and then later going to Shelter for their two for one beers.  When on vacation in New York, you always have to post game brunch.











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