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Apple hand pies


The previously mentioned hand pie mold, although a wonderful contraption, still definitely comes with a learning curve. These were  my first attempt, and even the ones photographed were the best of the bunch. I’m going to go ahead and lie and say the whole homemade look was planned. They aren’t janky, or f$#@ed up, just rustic. However you describe them they tasted great, and I personally think they look a little Martha Stewart with their modest authenticity.




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Cake batter blondies


I have often wondered if there will ever be a time where I outgrow my sweet tooth or my constant craving of sugar. After studying abroad in Paris I was convinced that I no longer had the sweet tooth I once did. I could eat a normal meal without an unsatisfiable craving for macaroons after. And at one meal, I even passed up dessert in favor of a kale salad. But it turns out that I hadn’t actually outgrown my sugar habit… I just had six cavities, so I physically could not eat any more dessert. However, this was nothing the dentist couldn’t fix and three hours of fillings later, my sweet tooth was back in action.

Now I feel like I should offer this disclaimer: I had never had a cavity before France, so I’m going to blame the decay on the French water system. Don’t let my story deter you from indulging in desserts and making my recipes. I didn’t even bake in Paris, so technically my own baked goods are probably better for you than store bought pastries.

That being said, at 21 I have yet to outgrow my sugar obsession and sprinkle addiction. Making these funfetti blondies the perfect dessert. Just make sure to brush your teeth after. Find the [from scratch!!] recipe at Averie Cooks.






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Salted caramel brownies


Recently I really broke out of the mold and made something completely different: brownies… stuffed/ swirled/ and topped with more sugar. Hold the phone…. that’s what all my posts are about.

About a month ago I started apprenticing with the home cooking school Just Simply…. Cuisine (you must check out their website and  blog here). After helping with a class, by which I mean sampling all of the to-die-for food, the owner, Chris, gave me a box of flaked salt.

When thinking of what to make with the new ingredient my brain immediately jumped to brownies. That just demonstrates what a serious problem it is to have a sweet tooth. When I think of salt, caramel and chocolate still come to mind, is that sick or what?

Either way the brownies turned out delicious. The fleck salt not only added contrasting flavor but contrasting texture with the large crystals. The verdict: flecked salt > normal salt, every day of the week.

The recipe is made up of all of my favorite repeat offenders. Brownies from Amateur Gourmet and the easiest caramel from Pioneer Woman.




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