Cake batter blondies


I have often wondered if there will ever be a time where I outgrow my sweet tooth or my constant craving of sugar. After studying abroad in Paris I was convinced that I no longer had the sweet tooth I once did. I could eat a normal meal without an unsatisfiable craving for macaroons after. And at one meal, I even passed up dessert in favor of a kale salad. But it turns out that I hadn’t actually outgrown my sugar habit… I just had six cavities, so I physically could not eat any more dessert. However, this was nothing the dentist couldn’t fix and three hours of fillings later, my sweet tooth was back in action.

Now I feel like I should offer this disclaimer: I had never had a cavity before France, so I’m going to blame the decay on the French water system. Don’t let my story deter you from indulging in desserts and making my recipes. I didn’t even bake in Paris, so technically my own baked goods are probably better for you than store bought pastries.

That being said, at 21 I have yet to outgrow my sugar obsession and sprinkle addiction. Making these funfetti blondies the perfect dessert. Just make sure to brush your teeth after. Find the [from scratch!!] recipe at Averie Cooks.







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4 responses to “Cake batter blondies

  1. Thanks for just linking up to my recipe – that is so appreciated! And for trying them! Your blondies are absolutely gorgeous!!!! Thanks for trying the recipe!!

  2. These look adorable! I love the colours, and it looks very tasty!

  3. This is going to be my next dessert!! Looks amazing!

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