Peach and Asian Pear Upside Down Cake


I always hate, in school or at a new job, when you have to play those ice breaker games and give a ‘fun fact’. In the moment I can usually think of NOTHING interesting about myself. While other people rattle off interesting facts about having three nipples or  meeting Kathy Griffin, I sit there trying to figure out the best way to escape through the window or will myself out of the room. And when my turn comes I usually say something along the lines of “I like dogs” and wonder if it’s too late to transfer schools/ changes jobs.

Before starting my new job I decided I needed to develop at least one unique quality. Instead of trying to pick up a skill or lie about being double jointed, I settled on this ‘fun fact’: my birthday is on national pineapple upside cake day. To you this might not sound like a ‘fun fact’ but you know what, neither is half the crap people say. And at least I didn’t have to develop a skill set or lie- that is the truth, straight up, no chaser.

This national holiday not only falls on my birthday but also happens celebrate my favorite dessert of all time. Pineapple upside down cake has been my birthday cake of choice since as long as I can remember…. chalk it up to fate.

This dessert is a season twist on the original, using peaches and asian pears, both of which caramelize with the brown sugar glaze so beautiful. You can find the recipe here:




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