Espresso Brownies with Hot Chocolate Frosting


For as long as I can remember I’ve always been obsessed with soda. It all started with the the invention of Pepsi Blue. I had never really been allowed soda before Pepsi Blue but for some reason was allowed to purchase this at any connivence store stop. Maybe my parents thought it was so disgusting and toxic looking, that we would be turned of soda forever. Or because it was limited edition, my brother and I would not be able to get addicted. How wrong they were. Nothing is more satisfying then drinking a liquid that closely resembles toilet cleaner in color, and battery acid in taste. Through my childhood this developed into a sickly obsession with overly sugary sodas. It took reaching the point that I couldn’t get out of bed without a Mountain Dew, to realize I needed to change.

Although it was hard to quit cold turkey, I switched my caffeine dependency to a healthier vice, coffee. I may over load my coffee with creamer and Stevia, but hey it’s better than Dr. Pepper right. I still have not mastered how to brew the desired amount of coffee, and decided to put the extra to good use in some brownies. As for the frosting, there are complimentary packets of hot chocolate in my apartment lobby. Best explanation I could come up with, but trust me it’s delicious…

Brownie recipe:

Frosting recipe:







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3 responses to “Espresso Brownies with Hot Chocolate Frosting

  1. You have a wonderful food blog so…

    I’m sending you….

    A foodie invitation…Come join our new vegetarian food group on Facebook and post your yummy recipes, pictures and blog links…Let’s all share and connect through food! 🙂

    Regards D

  2. sophiebowns


  3. Omg! What a lovely bake you have there! ^__^

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