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Coconut Layer Cake


I think coconut is either something you love or you hate. My younger brother is strangely addicted, so when he came to visit I had to bake him the over-the-top coconut creation he deserved. The result was this eight layer vanilla and chocolate layer cake, with coconut frosting. I kept the frosting flavor fairly subtle, to appease the coconut haters, especially since I knew my bother couldn’t eat all eight layers on his own.

Frosting recipe here.






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A Winter Walk

Nothing is prettier than a white Christmas in Colorado!






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The Birthday Boy

We went up to Boulder for my baby brother’s 19th birthday and ate at Pizzeria Locale. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take a picture of the pizza because I was so eager to dig in (sometimes I also get embarrassed of pulling out my massive camera in front of the waiter). Pizzeria Locale has the absolute best pizza in the entire world. All their ingredients are imported from Italy so Jumbo Slice doesn’t stand a chance in comparison. Just the margarita pizza is out of this world, the tomato sauce is just so deliciously sweet. I highly recommend it. After the meal we shopped for the birthday boy and stopped by Cured for some Cowgirl Creamery cheese. We’ve definitely had two straight days of absolutely delicious food… its hard to want to go home with all these leftovers in Denver!











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The Squeaky Bean

These photos are from my trip back home to Denver. I completely forgot to upload them but it’s never too late for a little food porn. While I was home, I got a chance to visit the revamped, and reopened Squeaky Bean. I was absolutely blown away by not only the food, but the over all experience. The service was top notch and I couldn’t have asked for a better night out with my foodie father.

Getting dressed up for a night on the town courtesy of Spruce.

Deconstructed squash soup, that I literally never wanted to end.

Chicken, squash, apples and kale. Doesn’t it look like a work of art?

Lemon and blueberry semiffredo with lemon meringues. One of the best desserts I’ve ever had because the textures were so unique. Salivating just thinking about it right now…

After dinner we walked around down town and admired everyone’s costumes at the zombie walk. My dad really to get involved and asked these festive people to pose with him. You can be the judge of how many drinks he had at dinner after you’ve seeing this picture.

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Fall in Denver

Fall has somehow skipped DC this year. Foggy Bottom is pretty much the same industrial grey instead of the orange, red and yellow that I’m used to. That’s why I had to fly back to Denver to get a real October 🙂 So maybe mid October, just when the leaves have all turned and are beginning to fall, DC is not the very best place to be. But don’t worry this doesn’t deserve a blog name change, DC the place to be (except in mid October) doesn’t have a ring to it. Really go to Denver if you have a chance. Nothing beats the thin, crisp air and changing Aspen trees.

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