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Aux Desirs de Manon




Since we’ve been here we have been eating about two baguettes a day… when in Rome right? So we are on a constant search to find the best baguette. Yesterday morning we left our little island and walked across the bridge to the 4th arrondissement. We stopped at the first bakery we got to (although we are eating endless starch we also want to exercise as little as possible… obviously going for the study abroad weight gain). I would have to say that these baguettes are the best we have had yet. Crusty and crisp shell with a moist and fluffy inside. We also got almond and chocolate croissants because you can’t evaluate a bakery just based on the bread. And it’s pretty much impossible to leave that place without buying much more than you had planned. Both were delicious and since we were able to polish off these decadent treats within minutes, I’d definitely recommend it.









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