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Sweet Virginia




This statement sounds a little pretentious, so bare with me, spare your judgement until post explanation. After returning from France, I have developed an interested in the localized food movement (such a pretentious statement, I warned you). However, this interest stems out of a necessity our American culture just doesn’t understand, and Europeans drill in at a young age. While in France I learned from my classes, the farmers markets and the people, that specialized local products, are healthier for the environment, the animal/insect producers, and the workers involved.

This interest spurred me to visit a local honey production company in Virginia a couple of weeks ago. Although it is off season and the bees are technically hibernating, during my visit I got to learn more about the endangerment of honey bees, their incredible benefits and the local food movement in Virginia. After a day of painting beehives and touring the facilities, my pathetic attempt at manual labor was rewarded with some of the best honey I’ve ever had. It was so impressive to see that Americans are finally catching up and focusing not just on quantity but on quality, and the community building aspect of food. I look forward to returning in April when the bees are pollinating, and refilling my already empty honey jar.

To read more about Sweet Virginia’s mission and the honey bees, click here.











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