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It’s Not Even Your Birthday Cake





Miniature Birthday Cake with Funfetti Truffles

1 box of Funfetti cake mix

1/2 container (8 oz) vanilla frosting

1 package of white chocolate morsels

1/2 container (8 oz) chocolate frosting


1) Preheat oven to 35o degrees and two ramekins and a 9 in X 13 in pan

2) Prepare the cake according to instructions.

3) Pour into prepared pans and bake according to instructions

3) Put aside the ramekins

4) Crumble the warm cake and mix in 8 oz of frosting

5) Form into balls and place on wax paper

6) Freeze for thirty minutes or until solid

7) In the mean time cut the ramekins in half and frost the four layers

8) Melt the chocolate in the microwave for 1 minute, stopping to stir after thirty seconds

9) Place the coated balls on wax paper and coat with sprinkles

10) Let set in the refrigerator

11) Plate the miniature cake with the truffles or enjoy each separately!




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Peach & Pistachio Spiced Upside Down Cake with Chai Infused Whipped Cream


Between my budget and my waistline, I have decided I will be undertaking the task of single serving desserts. While I was living with my brother, or in an apartment building with my friends, I could never have enough treats on hand. However, my current roommate has an allergy to all things sweet, even to the extent of carrots, so the job of consuming baked goods rests solely on my shoulders.

I’m hoping these smaller desserts allow me to experiment with plating. My goal is for the photos of simply stacked brownies to be a thing of the past. I need to step up my game with infusions, candies and maybe my own ice cream. Hold me to these higher standards, I will need all the help I can get.

Recipe here.



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Blueberry Coffee Cake Muffins


When your only grocery store options are the wildly overpriced Whole Foods and your corner Walgreens, a love affair with Trader Joe’s comes pretty naturally. The cashiers are usually all dime pieces, and they give out the most delicious samples. Just today I did a meatball tasting competition, and if you even had to ask if it they were delicious, you’ve clearly never been to TJ’s.

Whenever I want to bake but am feeling too lazy (let’s be honest, hungover) to do any grunt work, I rely on a TJ’s baking mix. This past weekend, after a particularly rough night singing karaoke, I picked up the coffeecake mix and a pint of blueberries. Can’t get much easier than that, and it’s about a quarter as much money as a reparative breakfast out.

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Peach and Asian Pear Upside Down Cake


I always hate, in school or at a new job, when you have to play those ice breaker games and give a ‘fun fact’. In the moment I can usually think of NOTHING interesting about myself. While other people rattle off interesting facts about having three nipples or  meeting Kathy Griffin, I sit there trying to figure out the best way to escape through the window or will myself out of the room. And when my turn comes I usually say something along the lines of “I like dogs” and wonder if it’s too late to transfer schools/ changes jobs.

Before starting my new job I decided I needed to develop at least one unique quality. Instead of trying to pick up a skill or lie about being double jointed, I settled on this ‘fun fact’: my birthday is on national pineapple upside cake day. To you this might not sound like a ‘fun fact’ but you know what, neither is half the crap people say. And at least I didn’t have to develop a skill set or lie- that is the truth, straight up, no chaser.

This national holiday not only falls on my birthday but also happens celebrate my favorite dessert of all time. Pineapple upside down cake has been my birthday cake of choice since as long as I can remember…. chalk it up to fate.

This dessert is a season twist on the original, using peaches and asian pears, both of which caramelize with the brown sugar glaze so beautiful. You can find the recipe here: http://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/upside-down-peach-cake



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Grape Fruit Upside Down Cake


One of the best desserts I’ve ever had was at the Getty Museum in Los Angles. I had it when I was 16, taking a break from touring colleges with my mom. I can tell you nothing about the art exhibits (or even about the schools I had been visiting..) but I can remember everything about the desserts we had. Good thing my parents spent so much money on the trip.


I remember spending a long time deciding between the grapefruit upside down cake and the chocolate pot de creme, probably longer in fact, than I spent deciding which college to actually attend… My mother has been talking about this upside cake ever since and I decided to make it for her birthday when I visited Denver in early June. Shelly has a very mild sweet tooth- forcing me to question if we are in fact legitimately blood related- and so this cake was perfect. Subtly sweet, and terrifically tart, it almost measured up to the Getty version itself. Find the recipe here: http://foodonfifth.com/2013/02/18/a-ruby-red-rio-star-grapefruit-upside-down-cake-for-dark-february-days/


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Snickerdoodle Pie


Spring break starts next Friday which means the crazy dieting has begun. Although it may seem difficult to loose the ten pounds of lingering holiday weight in just a week, my roommates and I have taken up the impossible task.

Instead of just eating healthy, we have avoided restocking our fridge in general. Unfortunately this strategy has not procured our eating, just GREATLY lowered our standards. Cheese rinds, raw pasta and grapes bordering on raisins have all become fair game. I swear one night I witnessed my roommate making a smoothy from non alcoholic apple schnapps, a frozen vegetable medley and some grapefruit.

However, unfortunately for my Cancun body, my happiness depends on both baking and consuming good normal food. So after a couple of days of bottom barrier eating habits, and baking avoidance, I finally gave in. And since I threw in the diet towel, I had to go all out with a cookie/ pie/ cake all rolled into one- basically just giving the middle finger to my bathing suit. 100% worth every bite.

Find the recipe for snickerdoodle pie here.






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Cake batter blondies


I have often wondered if there will ever be a time where I outgrow my sweet tooth or my constant craving of sugar. After studying abroad in Paris I was convinced that I no longer had the sweet tooth I once did. I could eat a normal meal without an unsatisfiable craving for macaroons after. And at one meal, I even passed up dessert in favor of a kale salad. But it turns out that I hadn’t actually outgrown my sugar habit… I just had six cavities, so I physically could not eat any more dessert. However, this was nothing the dentist couldn’t fix and three hours of fillings later, my sweet tooth was back in action.

Now I feel like I should offer this disclaimer: I had never had a cavity before France, so I’m going to blame the decay on the French water system. Don’t let my story deter you from indulging in desserts and making my recipes. I didn’t even bake in Paris, so technically my own baked goods are probably better for you than store bought pastries.

That being said, at 21 I have yet to outgrow my sugar obsession and sprinkle addiction. Making these funfetti blondies the perfect dessert. Just make sure to brush your teeth after. Find the [from scratch!!] recipe at Averie Cooks.






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