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Funfetti on Steroids



I think the idea that people like plain Oreo cookies is an Urban Myth. That’s why Oreos became ‘milk’s favorite cookie,’ the inherently stale cookie is nothing without a moistening device (that’s what she said). That’s why I will also stand by the well known fact that the frosting is the best part of an Oreo. When Oreo decided to come out with their flavored filling cookies, I felt like my wildest dreams had come true. Who knew that the stiff, overly sweet, frosted perfection could be taken to another level. The creators were geniuses. And truly the only way to top this invention is to stuff it inside another funfetti cookie.

You can find the recipe for the cookie base here:  http://www.pillsburybaking.com/recipes/funfetti-cookies-2404. Simply pat down half the batter into a square pan, add a layer of Oreo cookies, and top with the remaining cookie dough. Put it in the oven for the same amount of time as the original recipe calls for, at the same temperature. Cool, cut into squares and enjoy.





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Snickerdoodle Pie


Spring break starts next Friday which means the crazy dieting has begun. Although it may seem difficult to loose the ten pounds of lingering holiday weight in just a week, my roommates and I have taken up the impossible task.

Instead of just eating healthy, we have avoided restocking our fridge in general. Unfortunately this strategy has not procured our eating, just GREATLY lowered our standards. Cheese rinds, raw pasta and grapes bordering on raisins have all become fair game. I swear one night I witnessed my roommate making a smoothy from non alcoholic apple schnapps, a frozen vegetable medley and some grapefruit.

However, unfortunately for my Cancun body, my happiness depends on both baking and consuming good normal food. So after a couple of days of bottom barrier eating habits, and baking avoidance, I finally gave in. And since I threw in the diet towel, I had to go all out with a cookie/ pie/ cake all rolled into one- basically just giving the middle finger to my bathing suit. 100% worth every bite.

Find the recipe for snickerdoodle pie here.






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Red velvet peppermint kiss cookies


These cookies are very much belated, as I actually made them to give to our neighbors for the holidays. Now, I take baking for neighbors and holiday gifting very seriously. You never want to be the person to give the rock hard fudge that will be shunned in the corner, belittled by neighbor Nancy’s perfect peanut brittle. I always want my contributions to be the enjoyed, rather than shoved into the trash, so taking this task seriously is necessary. As I am a little late, you can exceed neighborly expectations next year, with these festive cookies. Or just substitute the peppermint kisses for normal chocolate for a non-holiday version.

Recipe here: Yummy. Healthy. Easy.




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Black and white cookies

I’m not a huge Seinfeld fan (which is considered a crime to most) but everyone associates black and white cookies with the show. This clip is pretty hilarious, although I promise my intent with the cookies was not to make a political statement. The cookies are just black and white, no strings attached. I also promise with this recipe that sickness will not follow.




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Double chocolate cookies


One of my roommates is a dessert purest and is constantly begging me to make less over-the-top desserts. She wants me cut out the Oreo stuffing and brownie layering and just stick to simple cookies. So although it physically pained me to not stuff these with caramel or dip them in white chocolate, making classic cookies is what being a good room mate is all about.

Find the recipe here.





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Samoa Brownies


When I was in elementary school I did the whole Girl Scout thing. I subjected myself to degradation beyond reconciliation  by pushing a wagon filled with cookies to every one of my neighbors, clad in a puke green vest too small for my over-weight-elementary frame. Although this humiliation still haunts me, I have decided to relive this part of my past with Samoa brownies. Because my mother ended up buying most of the cookies herself (and because I hadn’t learned the concept of self control when it came to food) I was/am very familiar with the flavors. These brownies take Samoas to the next level by improving their inherently stale texture and keeping their perfect flavor combination.

Find the recipe here. I did make one slight change, subbing my favorite caramel sauce  (classic) for the melted caramel candies. Melting solid caramels still scares me, as I have the burn evidence on my arm to prove.






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White chocolate oatmeal cookies


This week I believe I created the ultimate oatmeal cookie. Although this may sound like bragging, the recipe is not my own and actually comes from the goddess of all things domestic: Ina Garten. I made a few tiny changes (sorry Ina) that elevated these oatmeal cookies above their chocolate chip rivals.

Sometimes I feel like oatmeal cookies are overlooked. I think raisins gave them a bad rep, so the first change I made was subbing the sad fruit for chunks of white chocolate. I doubled the amount of vanilla extract, cinnamon, and salt to enhance the flavor, and also doubled the cookie size to ensure a soft texture. The second the bottoms started to color in the oven I took them out so they stayed doughy. Even though they have about a six inch circumference, (can you tell I’m writing this in my math class) these cookies are addictive enough to eat multiple in one sitting.




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