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Peppermint patty brownies


So there isn’t much of a recipe to share with these brownies. Basically I bought a bag of holiday Peppermint Patty’s at the CVS post Christmas sale. Then I bought a brownie mix (see my last post about boxed baking approval here). Then I followed the directions on the box and threw in some of the candy. Some would say these brownies don’t even deserve to be on a food blog because they are so simple. But they photograph so freakin’ well, I just had to share.



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Double chocolate cookies


One of my roommates is a dessert purest and is constantly begging me to make less over-the-top desserts. She wants me cut out the Oreo stuffing and brownie layering and just stick to simple cookies. So although it physically pained me to not stuff these with caramel or dip them in white chocolate, making classic cookies is what being a good room mate is all about.

Find the recipe here.





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Samoa Brownies


When I was in elementary school I did the whole Girl Scout thing. I subjected myself to degradation beyond reconciliation  by pushing a wagon filled with cookies to every one of my neighbors, clad in a puke green vest too small for my over-weight-elementary frame. Although this humiliation still haunts me, I have decided to relive this part of my past with Samoa brownies. Because my mother ended up buying most of the cookies herself (and because I hadn’t learned the concept of self control when it came to food) I was/am very familiar with the flavors. These brownies take Samoas to the next level by improving their inherently stale texture and keeping their perfect flavor combination.

Find the recipe here. I did make one slight change, subbing my favorite caramel sauce  (classic) for the melted caramel candies. Melting solid caramels still scares me, as I have the burn evidence on my arm to prove.






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Cookie Dough Brownies


I’ve sampled enough batters and doughs that I’ve started to believe salmonella is an urban myth. My theory is that salmonella is something our mother’s made up to keep our hands out of the mixing bowl. For those who are not buying into my theory, these brownies are perfect for you. The cookie dough is completely eggless but tastes exactly like the real thing. These brownies allow you to indulge in cookie dough (and undercooked brownies), without that prebaking guilt.

Recipe here.




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Mexican Chocolate Fudge


So the fudge making continues in our oven-less household. This week I made salted cinnamon dark chocolate fudge. It would have been more authentic if I had added some cayenne pepper so if you’re being adventurous experiment with the spice level. If you have any suggestions for fudge flavors please shoot them my way. It’s by far the easiest thing to make without an oven, measuring cups or teaspoons, so expect a flavor of the week from now on!









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