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Fast Break Brownies


Occasionally I go to a bottomless mimosas brunch, and occasionally have one two many mimosas. The result is an inexplicable desire to FaceTime with pretty much anyone in my phone book. I don’t know if this is a post colligate phase, where I  feel far away from my friends, or just an inexplicable bad day drinking choice. Either way after a particularly bad bout of Facetime harassment I decided I need to apologize with brownies. Although brownies don’t entire make up for the time wasted trying to dodge my  calls, they do soften the blow. Especially when stuffed with Fast Break candy and frosted.


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Saint Patrick’s Day Brownies


I returned from Cancun about five days ago, and until now the thought of alcohol has physically nauseated me. It only takes a weeks worth of sexy bananas (a pina colada turned questionably pepto bismal pink) to turn you off drinking forever, or at least craving a short hiatus.

Just in time for Saint Patrick’s day I think my spring break hangover has finally subsided! Thanks to the Aleve and  Smartwater, without which this speedy recovery would not have been possible. Thus, I will honor the occasion with an alcohol infused dessert: mint chip brownies with Bailey’s frosting.

Find my favorite brownie recipe at the Amateur Gourmet (I just added a cup of Andy’s mint chips to the batter). And the frosting recipe at Recipe Girl.

Cheers and happy Saint Patrick’s Day!




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