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Chocolate pecan pie bars


With finals over, I can now start avoiding job applications and pick back up with blogging. Just because 50% of my grades depended on the final test, doesn’t mean I stopped baking. Nothing relieves stress like passive aggressive egg cracking, and I also must admit I took part in some major raw dough eating in hopes of contracting deadly enough salmonella to get out of my econ test.

No such luck.

Back to baking, these pecan pie bars are inspired by my recent trip to the restaurant Uncle. In (presumable…) ode to their Asian roots the pecan pie featured Chinese five spice whipped cream. Since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I added a healthy teaspoon of five spices to my own pie’s shortbread base. I found that the savory flavor really balanced out the intense sweetness of the chocolate and caramel topping; so, s/o to Uncle’s pastry chef for the inspiration and subsequent recipe compliments.

Find the recipe for chocolate pecan pie bars here, and don’t forget to add the five spice!




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Pecan pie… but wait there’s more.



2013 has been the year of hybrid dessert. Starting in May, people across the world proved this with their unsatisfiable Cronut fetish. I don’t remember what life was like before the Cronut become a household name, but I can safely say I don’t want to go back to a day when this French-American love child didn’t exist.

Because I’m a sucker for trends and over-the-top-sweets, I decided to jump on the hybrid dessert bandwagon. Starting with: pecan pie… baked into chocolate cake. I haven’t yet decided on a catchy name, so on the comments below please feel free to leave your advice. Although this cake is extreme, I think next time I will bring it into overdrive by making it into a layer cake. Imagine cutting into a cake and discovering each layer is stuffed with pie… I need to copyright that idea.

Recipe here.


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