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Snickerdoodle Pie


Spring break starts next Friday which means the crazy dieting has begun. Although it may seem difficult to loose the ten pounds of lingering holiday weight in just a week, my roommates and I have taken up the impossible task.

Instead of just eating healthy, we have avoided restocking our fridge in general. Unfortunately this strategy has not procured our eating, just GREATLY lowered our standards. Cheese rinds, raw pasta and grapes bordering on raisins have all become fair game. I swear one night I witnessed my roommate making a smoothy from non alcoholic apple schnapps, a frozen vegetable medley and some grapefruit.

However, unfortunately for my Cancun body, my happiness depends on both baking and consuming good normal food. So after a couple of days of bottom barrier eating habits, and baking avoidance, I finally gave in. And since I threw in the diet towel, I had to go all out with a cookie/ pie/ cake all rolled into one- basically just giving the middle finger to my bathing suit. 100% worth every bite.

Find the recipe for snickerdoodle pie here.







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Apple hand pies


The previously mentioned hand pie mold, although a wonderful contraption, still definitely comes with a learning curve. These were  my first attempt, and even the ones photographed were the best of the bunch. I’m going to go ahead and lie and say the whole homemade look was planned. They aren’t janky, or f$#@ed up, just rustic. However you describe them they tasted great, and I personally think they look a little Martha Stewart with their modest authenticity.



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Pumpkin pie… turnt up


This post was supposed to go up on Halloween but due to a cycle of endless midterms, I’m not as up on my blogging game. Senoritis hasn’t hit me hard enough that I’ve lost all priorities (yet), so as of now blogging comes after midterm studying.

However this pie isn’t Halloween exclusive and would make an awesome addition to your Thanksgiving dessert spread. Personally I’m not a huge fan of traditional pie crust, so the Oreo is a welcomed alternative. The chocolate cookie crust is easily a better match with the custard filling, and lets face it the color combination is pretty damn festive. Find the pie filling recipe here and the crust recipe here (although I always wing it: the more butter the better).


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Pecan pie… but wait there’s more.



2013 has been the year of hybrid dessert. Starting in May, people across the world proved this with their unsatisfiable Cronut fetish. I don’t remember what life was like before the Cronut become a household name, but I can safely say I don’t want to go back to a day when this French-American love child didn’t exist.

Because I’m a sucker for trends and over-the-top-sweets, I decided to jump on the hybrid dessert bandwagon. Starting with: pecan pie… baked into chocolate cake. I haven’t yet decided on a catchy name, so on the comments below please feel free to leave your advice. Although this cake is extreme, I think next time I will bring it into overdrive by making it into a layer cake. Imagine cutting into a cake and discovering each layer is stuffed with pie… I need to copyright that idea.

Recipe here.


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French Silk Pie




As of lately I’ve been desperately missing France.  I miss the beautiful patesseries filled with more Madeleines then you could dream of and Sunday falafel trips. I even miss the questionabley smelling metro cars (looking at you RER B) and the crowds of tourists outside of Notre Dame.

The best part about being back is that I can finally cook everything I ate (although I will not be trying to recreate our drunken gyro experiences). This week I made French silk pies. Although this isn’t a French dessert, I wanted to try out the miniature spring form pans I got at Dehillerin. Dehillerin was Julia Child’s favorite kitchen store in Paris, and hasn’t changed an ounce since she was last there.

Dehillerin is famous in part because they don’t post the prices on the items. Instead you have to look up the bar code in huge books. This detered me from checking the cost, and before I knew it I was 50 euros deep in miniature pie tins. Pretty good strategy to make bank on people too lazy to flip through a catelog.

Anyways back to the pie. This pie is indulgent, fairly simple and (depending on the sweet tooth of your guests) a crowd pleaser. It was also the perfect way to try out my spring form pans. I’m pretty sure miniature baked goods are on the level of puppies or babies, cuteness wise. DSC_0692


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