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Apple hand pies


The previously mentioned hand pie mold, although a wonderful contraption, still definitely comes with a learning curve. These were  my first attempt, and even the ones photographed were the best of the bunch. I’m going to go ahead and lie and say the whole homemade look was planned. They aren’t janky, or f$#@ed up, just rustic. However you describe them they tasted great, and I personally think they look a little Martha Stewart with their modest authenticity.




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Cake batter blondies


I have often wondered if there will ever be a time where I outgrow my sweet tooth or my constant craving of sugar. After studying abroad in Paris I was convinced that I no longer had the sweet tooth I once did. I could eat a normal meal without an unsatisfiable craving for macaroons after. And at one meal, I even passed up dessert in favor of a kale salad. But it turns out that I hadn’t actually outgrown my sugar habit… I just had six cavities, so I physically could not eat any more dessert. However, this was nothing the dentist couldn’t fix and three hours of fillings later, my sweet tooth was back in action.

Now I feel like I should offer this disclaimer: I had never had a cavity before France, so I’m going to blame the decay on the French water system. Don’t let my story deter you from indulging in desserts and making my recipes. I didn’t even bake in Paris, so technically my own baked goods are probably better for you than store bought pastries.

That being said, at 21 I have yet to outgrow my sugar obsession and sprinkle addiction. Making these funfetti blondies the perfect dessert. Just make sure to brush your teeth after. Find the [from scratch!!] recipe at Averie Cooks.






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Chocolate pecan pie bars


With finals over, I can now start avoiding job applications and pick back up with blogging. Just because 50% of my grades depended on the final test, doesn’t mean I stopped baking. Nothing relieves stress like passive aggressive egg cracking, and I also must admit I took part in some major raw dough eating in hopes of contracting deadly enough salmonella to get out of my econ test.

No such luck.

Back to baking, these pecan pie bars are inspired by my recent trip to the restaurant Uncle. In (presumable…) ode to their Asian roots the pecan pie featured Chinese five spice whipped cream. Since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I added a healthy teaspoon of five spices to my own pie’s shortbread base. I found that the savory flavor really balanced out the intense sweetness of the chocolate and caramel topping; so, s/o to Uncle’s pastry chef for the inspiration and subsequent recipe compliments.

Find the recipe for chocolate pecan pie bars here, and don’t forget to add the five spice!



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White chocolate oatmeal cookies


This week I believe I created the ultimate oatmeal cookie. Although this may sound like bragging, the recipe is not my own and actually comes from the goddess of all things domestic: Ina Garten. I made a few tiny changes (sorry Ina) that elevated these oatmeal cookies above their chocolate chip rivals.

Sometimes I feel like oatmeal cookies are overlooked. I think raisins gave them a bad rep, so the first change I made was subbing the sad fruit for chunks of white chocolate. I doubled the amount of vanilla extract, cinnamon, and salt to enhance the flavor, and also doubled the cookie size to ensure a soft texture. The second the bottoms started to color in the oven I took them out so they stayed doughy. Even though they have about a six inch circumference, (can you tell I’m writing this in my math class) these cookies are addictive enough to eat multiple in one sitting.




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