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Salted Caramel Brownies with Pretzel Crust



When it comes to desserts, I am always trying to up the anti. Rice Krispies aren’t complete until they are doused in sprinkles and every quick bread needs dozens of add ins and some sort of glaze. Maybe one day I’ll be a purest but for now I want each dessert to be more extravagant than the last. Besides, plain chocolate chip cookies are not overly interesting to photograph… I want something with layers and textures and variety. Mission accomplished with these brownies. Find the recipe here.



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Salted caramel brownies


Recently I really broke out of the mold and made something completely different: brownies… stuffed/ swirled/ and topped with more sugar. Hold the phone…. that’s what all my posts are about.

About a month ago I started apprenticing with the home cooking school Just Simply…. Cuisine (you must check out their website and  blog here). After helping with a class, by which I mean sampling all of the to-die-for food, the owner, Chris, gave me a box of flaked salt.

When thinking of what to make with the new ingredient my brain immediately jumped to brownies. That just demonstrates what a serious problem it is to have a sweet tooth. When I think of salt, caramel and chocolate still come to mind, is that sick or what?

Either way the brownies turned out delicious. The fleck salt not only added contrasting flavor but contrasting texture with the large crystals. The verdict: flecked salt > normal salt, every day of the week.

The recipe is made up of all of my favorite repeat offenders. Brownies from Amateur Gourmet and the easiest caramel from Pioneer Woman.




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Peanut Butter Caramel Fudge


Freshman year of high school I was baking and accidentally poured boiling caramel on myself. I still have the scar to prove it, and although I considered including pictures in my post, I’ll spare everyone the gory details. Ever since then I swore off desserts with caramel (which it turns out is a large variety). But I found a recipe from the Pioneer Woman that has ended my boycott and saved the surface area of my arm. So if anyone else is scared of caramel this is definitely the recipe to try. Because it is so easy (and safe) I have been adding caramel to everything. My new obsession is what prompted this peanut butter fudge. Top this peanut butter fudge with salted caramel and Oreos, and you’ve got the ultimate artery clogging crowd pleasing dessert.




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